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More and more people today are discovering that natural medicines offer genuine ways of tackling diseases. One of the most respected and popular alternative medicines is Homeopathy.

The Natural Homeopathy Clinic (NHC) provides Homeopathy which is a holistic form of medicine physical, mental and emotional illnesses are treated, and so much so that not only the disease but the entire person suffering is treated:  taking care of all aspects of the well being. Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that is entirely natural. It is complete because this method of treatment can be applied to any condition or diseases. It is natural because remedies are made from natural products and it works by giving the body a precise stimulus, which enables the body to start its own healing effect.

The question arises as to what homeopathy can treat. It works for both Acute (short-term) illness and Chronic (long-term) ailments. Homeopathy can be given to anyone of any age for both physical and emotional complaints. Also animals can be treated by Homeopathy. The homeopathic medicines are known as remedies which are made from natural products and are completely safe and non -addictive with no harmful side effects. Remedies are helpful in range of conditions such as for expectant mothers, new born babies, circulation problems, chronic diseases, digestion complaints, male and female ailments, mental illness, respiratory disorders and skin diseases (e.g. Eczema).

During consultation the Homeopath Practitioner studies a person’s temperament, personality, emotional and physical responses then the remedies are chosen, to match all the symptoms of a patient.

The first consultation lasts up to an hour in which family history relating to health and past illnesses, lifestyle and usually specific questions are asked, to build up a comprehensive picture of the patients ill -health.

These consultations are totally confidential.